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Drunk Destiny: Destiny Lore, with a twist. Literally. All things Destiny - story, news, tips, and tricks! Weekly episodes where dizzy and Dumpy explore the world of Destiny with a little liquid courage.

October 7, 2019

#9 - Shadowkeep Lore - Book: Letters From Eris

Our first episode live on Twitch! We took time to talk about Shadowkeep, thoughts, and expectations for the remainder of the year! We read through the new Lore book: Letters From Eris and dive into the lore implications behind the campaign. If you want to join the conversation live on Sundays you can catch us on dizzys twitch around 6PM PST. 


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Intro: Original song by Aaron Johnson - From Media Psycho 

dizzy will be back on Twitch this week! Stay tuned for updates



0:32 - Life updates 

11:30 - TWAB and Destiny News 

25:30 - What are we drinking? Beer and Bourbon

30:00 - Recap from the Lost Episode dizzy screwed up

37:00 - Book: Letters from Eris

1:23:30 - Emails/discord/twitter questions 

1:35:30 - Outro and socials


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