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Drunk Destiny: Destiny Lore, with a twist. Literally. All things Destiny - story, news, tips, and tricks! Weekly episodes where dizzy and Dumpy explore the world of Destiny with a little liquid courage.

August 6, 2019

#3 - The Complete Timeline of Destiny

Welcome to the full (drunk) timeline of the world of Destiny. In this last introductory episode we explore all the key points to the story of Destiny, from the Books of Sorrow, to the Heart of the Black Garden, all the way to the depths of the Leviathan.   

*Disclaimer* - this telling does not include all details and does contain some elements that may be less than correct. The point of this episode is to have fun and introduce new players to what they need to know. Eyes up, Guardian. 




Bungie News - 1:20

Start of Timeline - 7:40 

Destiny 1 - 1:01:20 

Between D1 & D2 - 1:15:37

Destiny 2 - 1:19:10 

Outro - 1:52:20


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