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March 31, 2020

#28 - Rasputin Lore

Hello friends! Today we go back to some meat and potato lore: Rasputin. We know there might be new players out there that still might not know some details about the Warmind and those that built him, so that's what we discuss this week! In the coming weeks we may be moving to a bi-monthly show depending on schedules, but look out for some SIVA and Iron Lord Lore soon! 

As always, thank you all for listening! We cannot thank you enough. See you soon and stay safe!




5:30 - why dizzy hates SBMM
9:40 - What are we drinking tonight?
15:30 - TWAB
24:45 - Rasputin Lore (and the Brays)
53:20 - Over/under and Questions

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