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October 28, 2019

#12 - Pinnacle PvP + Iron Lads

What a special day! We welcome th3jmanx17 to the show! He's a Veteran Destiny player who focuses on Instagram content! We had an absolute blast with this one! We can barely call this one a lore episode, but we talked about PvP and Iron Banner! Remember to write in to the show and let us know your thoughts and what you're drinking! Cheers, Guardians! 



3:44 - Jman
17:06 What are we drinking today
39:37 - TWAB - Exotics - Festival of the Lost
1:05:11 - Lore? Kinda the Iron Banner and PvP talks
1:32:22 - Twitter and discord questions
1:50:40 - Tags and Handles


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