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Drunk Destiny: Destiny Lore, with a twist. Literally. All things Destiny - story, news, tips, and tricks! Weekly episodes where dizzy and Dumpy explore the world of Destiny with a little liquid courage.

July 24, 2019

#0 - Pilot - Introductions

An introduction to Drunk Destiny and the hosts; dizzy and Dumpy. They chat about the world of Destiny under the influence - and that's about it. This episode is all about the people, the goals, and setting the stage for future content on the podcast.  

If you know about Destiny, you can skip this one. We won't blame you, the next episode is where it gets good! This episode is censored - just to ease people into the dumpster bonfire that is Drunk Destiny. 

0:00 - Introduction to the hosts

13:30 - Podcast structure and goals 

26:10 - Drinks

29:20 - Upcoming topics and episodes

37:00 - Word from sponsor

37:44 - What is Destiny?


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